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After years of pondering, I have finally joined Twitter.

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Are you an HSP?

I’ve always known I was sensitive in the common sense of the word, but I recently found out (among other things) that I was a Highly Sensitive Person, according to psychologist Elaine N. Aron. This trait is particular, fairly common but widely ignored. It’s definitely not a disease, and although it makes one vulnerable, it has pretty good aspects too.  If you score high on this test, her book is an absolute must-read. It could change your life! And if you don’t seem to be an HSP, I guess it’s interesting to learn about it anyway as you’re bound to live around some. It would be so helpful if more people knew about this.

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And you, you think it’s so easy pigeonholing my sexuality‘ – sang Blueboy in their song Cosmopolitan

Since I read Morrissey’s autobiography a couple of weeks ago, I have been thinking about his declaration of not being homosexual but ‘humasexual”. Why not say ‘bisexual’ then, since he’s had male and female partners? I think I might know why, and what he means. He says he’s attracted to humans, but not many. From what I reckon, he is attracted by a human being, a soulmate, who happens to be male or female. Sex being a secondary thing.

By extension I have been thinking about other figures in music, literature etc who seem to have a brilliant intelligence.  Most of these men don’t seem typically masculine, and these women are rarely stereotypes of femininity, be they tagged straight, gay or bisexual. From Jarvis Cocker to Simone de Beauvoir, they seem fine and assertive with what parts of their personality traditionally associated with the opposite sex:  sensitivity (feminine), some activities (politics, essay writing, rock music…), androgynous looks.

They never seem to think ‘ooh, but I’m a (wo)man, I can’t do that.’ They probably think of themselves as humans first of all, who happen to be male or female. This is just my ‘theory’, I’d love to discuss this.

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In the daylight hours

You probably won’t notice but I have replaced 2 photos from my previous post by new ones that I like best. I want my blog to look nice.  I like to have photos to balance the text. I prefer pictures taken in natural light. This is a problem in the winter:  it’s dark before I leave for work and dark again when I come back. I have to take pictures on weekends or days off.  When I’m not busy with other things. I’m not saying light was my main excuse not to blog, but it really did count, honest!

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How to Be Alone

Just a nice video I came across (via Pia Summers)

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Season’s greetings

Hey, it’s been so long. I hope you’re doing fine. It seems I’ve given up on this space, although I didn’t intend to. My spare time is so scarce I used it for other things, and there you go. I haven’t had much time to listen to new music either. I am not even able to list my top 10 albums of 2012.

There are a few 2012 albums I do have listened to and liked, though :

Spiritualized – Sweet Heart Sweet Light
Lightships – Electric Cables
Allo Darlin’ – Europe
Tender Trap – Ten Songs About Girls
Woods – Bend Beyond
Tenniscoats – Papa’s Ear

and some great EPs:

Doggy – Leurs traces dans la neige
Pale Lights – EP
Granville – Jersey

and I still keep tracks of books I have read here.

I’m not saying I won’t ever post here again, but let’s say it’s on an ‘undefined hiatus’.

Have a lovely 2013!

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I’m really sorry not to have replied to some of your comments. My spam detector sometimes mistakingly places non-spam comments in the wrong folder. When this happens, I’m not aware of the comment, so it’s not validated and replied to. I’ll try to fix that, and until then I will check the folder on a more regular basis. Have a nice evening!

Record of the day: Tenniscoats – Papa’s Ear

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Canvas tote bags

canvas tote bags

canvas tote bags

canvas tote bags

A small but growing collection…

Record (song) of the day: Lightships – Two Lines

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Sweet 2012!

greeting card
Card by Quiet Hare

Hello dear readers! Sorry I didn’t even write to wish a merry Christmas. I have been lazy but mostly enjoying family time.
I wish you a great new year. 2011 was fantastic for me with the arrival of Baby P. but I know it’s not been so good for everybody. Hopefully 2012 will bring better things, or more greatness.
I have very down to earth resolutions: try not to eat the mountain of sugary treats all at once, exercice every day to lose my couple of post-pregnancy extra pounds, hold my back straight. Oh, and try to be a better person, but that goes without saying. Roll on 2012!

Some things I’m into:

- Video for Les Plus Beaux by Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains
- Thé de Noël (Christmas tea) Mariage Frères
- Tic Tac Boum awesome comic strips by 9-year old Adèle
- these imaginary outfits

Record of the day: Antsy Pants – Antsy Pants

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Cinema Red and Blue

I love red and blue, and these two colours have been more present in our home lately:
- A handkerchief I used to dry/clean my flute with. I had forgotten about it then found it again.
- A Pastels t-shirt for P. who is going to be the coolest little guy in town next summer.
- Something my mum made to hang above his head. He looks at it with wide eyes.

Record of the day: The Kingsbury Manx – s/t

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