Oh you pretty things


Marimekko book

Even though I am staying at home at the moment, I haven’t felt like resuming knitting because I prefer using my precious spare time for other things. Why would I bother anyway, when P.’s grandma makes outfits as wonderful as this one? I must say it’s great to see P. wear the items I have made for him though. He has worn these two a lot but they’re already too small now.

What I haven’t given up on is reading. I have been reading bestselling novels The Help by Kathryn Stockett and am currently reading Room by Emma Donohue. Two very different but very gripping stories, both about domination somehow. In both I appreciate the way the authors give voice to the characters (two black maids and an educated white girl / a 5-year-old boy), they sound really true to life. I would have preferred to read them in English but it was cheaper this way, and the translations are really fine.

And Santa brought me a beautiful big book about finnish textile design brand Marimekko.

Record of the day: The Who – Quadrophenia (The Director’s Cut)

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More awesome presents

More lovely stuff arrived in the mail for baby P. A pretty card accompanying an awesome name bunting handmade by the talented Ktl. The colours perfectly match P.’s room.

And Tony sent these 7″ by Anne Sylvestre which used to belong to his friend singer Jean-Luc Le Ténia. I was a big fan of Jean-Luc’s music, and his death a couple of months ago was very sad news. It’s an honor for us to be gifted these records.
Huge thanks Ktl and Tony!

Record of the day: Ray Rumours – Le Pont Suspendu

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Knitting from outer space

Last week while I was visiting family, I had brought along my current knitting project (yet another baby jumper). One of my aunts, who is an excellent knitter, was around and took a look at what I was doing. Having learned by myself with a book, it turns I’m not doing it right! Or at least for stockinette. The stockinette I do is apparently reverse: it looks more or less the same, but with extra texture. I had kind of noticed before that my stockinette looked weird, but never thought I was not doing the right stitches. My aunt says the fact I’m left-handed is probably behind this. It looks fine but it takes more time to make. I will keep on knitting this way to finish the jumper, but after that, I need to learn the correct way to do it. I’ve been doing it wrong for several years and projects now. Thank you Auntie, it’s never too late!

Electrelane in 2007

On a completely different topic, it was Electrelane Week on british webzine Drowned In Sound, to celebrate the reformation of this unique band. Check out Emma’s photos, Ros’s spanish recipes, Verity’s selection of musical oddities and Mia’s tour essentials (yes to APC dresses, Laura Lombardi necklaces, good books and striped shirts!) among other things.

Record of the day: Beachwood Sparks – s/t

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Basket case

felt basket

felt basket

Here is one of the felt baskets I made last week, inspired by these. Actually, made sounds a bit exaggerated – all it takes is 6 cuts in a felt rectangle. Instant gratification! On receiving the felt rectangles I had ordered, I feared it might not be thick enough but luckily it worked out fine.

Gee, it’s so hot over here, I hope it won’t last. We’re staying locked inside with shutters closed down… I am currently reading The Woman In White by Wilkie Collins, a mystery novel from 1860 – highly enjoyable so far.
Later today we should venture outside just to get in the dark again and see Blue Valentine, I’m really looking forward to it.

Record of the day: The Essex Green – Cannibal Sea

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Bunting update



Not much else to report…

Record of the day: Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues

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More finds, crafts, music

Stokke chair

The Softies - It's Love


Bless the jumble sale season! While my mum wrote she found the vintage Fisher Price farm, telephone and minibus, we got the famous Stokke Tripp Trapp chair for less than a 3rd of its price, with only very small scratches. I was also excited to find It’s Love by indie girl band The Softies. Too bad the Adrian Tomine-designed front cover is missing, but for 1€ I bought the CD anyway. On the 3rd picture is a cardboard prototype of a basket I would like to make out of thick felt, ripping off this item.
Right now I’m listening to rare Beatles recording archive broadcast on local station Radio Pulsar by our neighbour Philippe Auliac. He is a photographer and film director who photographed David Bowie, The Stones, Iggy Pop and the like. He was friends with George Harrison and is still in touch with Yoko Ono. It’s a bit surreal that he lives here in Poitiers, but of course he spends half of his time in Paris or London. He’s a very nice man who gladly shares archive and anecdotes.

Record of the day: The Softies – It’s Love

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wooly hat

white skein

I can’t stop crafting at the moment! I finished the little navy hat and am about to start a white version for C.’s baby girl.
I didn’t know C. well until we found out that we both had the exact same due date and we started being in touch all the time, just like Celia and Jamie from the Hank and Lucy blog. It’s really great having someone that goes through the same phases at the same time, asks herself the same questions etc. Our children will be like unrelated twins somehow.

I still have to finish sewing the bunting. This weekend should be fairly busy so I don’t know if I will find the time. It’s probably not very long, but I don’t want to rush it and spoil it. Although I have had my sewing machine for a couple of years now, I haven’t been using it much and feel guilty about that, as if I got it on a whim. Also, I tried a project some months ago that didn’t go well and it put me off for a long time. Hopefully if this goes well I won’t be at war with the sewing machine anymore.

Record of the day: Seapony – Go With Me

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Another day gone so fast

This Sunday was well filled for me. I’ve been:
- reading a captivating crime novel by swedish author Henning Mankell
- preparing triangles to sew a bunting (using this tutorial) to the sound of Thomson Colour, a radio show hosted by The Pastels on Domino Radio
- knitting to make a little wooly hat for sonny
- hanging out at two different car boot sales this afternoon and finding a nice book and CD

Record of the day: Barbara Carlotti – Chansons

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Baby’s a boy!

cardigan I knit

We now know for sure it’s a little boy kicking in my belly.
Here is a little cardigan I just finished for him. (Of course when I started it I didn’t know the gender).

Record of the day: Woods – Sun and Shade

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Don’t be misled by the first photo, I’m not expecting twins!
My last tries at baby booties never turned out right, but this pattern looked easier and quicker (bigger yarn). I had a go at it with some blue wool I had left. The yarn is not great: too synthetic, and it splits and pills. Once I saw the pattern was fine, I made another pair with better wool. This single skein I had in stock from F.’s grandmother’s was perfect for the job. Now after 4 boots knit I really know the instructions by heart!

Record of the day: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Belong

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