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Blur records

As undecided as ever, I’ve been pondering about whether to buy Blur 21 or not.
Pros: nice object, all the b-sides and rare tracks are there and nicely ordered
Cons: one more object to dust on the shelf, expensive, I’ve got every album and most non-album songs already (be it on shitty mp3)
This band has been and still is so important to me. I first read about Blur in 1994 in Vox, a british magazine I had recently started buying because of a Beatles special and because I loved English already (I was in high school). The first song I heard by them was of course Girls & Boys, which sounded nothing like I expected given what I had read, but who could resist such a song?
I had been listening hard to The Beatles, The Who and The Kinks, so no need to say Parklife was heaven-sent. I quickly caught up with Leisure and Modern Life Is Rubbish, with a particular obsession for the latter. I loved the music, the lyrics, the artwork, the guys’ pretty faces and sharp clothing style. A couple of years later, I had read that they wanted their sound to take a new direction as they were now into Pavement and Tortoise. Those were bands I really loved too, but I couldn’t help being sceptical. Blur turned out so great though. My bandmates who previously didn’t like Blur were charmed by it and even more by 13. I read a review of the reissues that said few people liked every phase of Blur’s career. I must be one the the few. If 21 isn’t for me, who is it for? I’ll keep on pondering.

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  1. 1 celine said at 07:44 on January 5th, 2013:

    hi anne! it’s been a while! i hope things are well with you.
    did you end up getting 21? :)

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